Financial Strategies for Ecommerce Success this Holiday Season

November 9, 2020
Financial Strategies for Ecommerce Success this Holiday Season

From Cyber Week to the Christmas holiday, ecommerce activity hits a steady peak. If you have a product that is resonating with consumers, this increase in consumers flocking to online retailers like Amazon represents a critical period for driving overall business growth, capturing market share, and setting your brand up for success in the New Year. 

But in order to see these benefits to your Amazon business, you need an adequate amount of capital on hand to properly advertise and manage inventory during this time. 

In this webinar, we joined financing provider Payoneer to discuss when financing may be necessary to scale up over the holiday period, ways to maximize your return on this extra capital, along with key logistical details so you know what to expect.

We cover:

  • Understanding when added capital might be necessary to drive growth on Amazon
  • Describing key market trends during the holiday season that should shape your decision making 
  • Highlighting successful adjustments during the holiday period to drive the most sales volumes
  • Detailing the financing process, timelines, and expected fees

Our speakers:

Alasdair McLean-Foreman
CEO, Teikametrics


Chet Butikofer
VP of Innovation Teikametrics


TJ Hyland
Head of eCommerce Partnerships, US, Payoneer


John Terry
Ketonia Foods


Ryan Goldstein


Jeff Sudman
Direct Premium Buys



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