What’s Coming for Walmart Sponsored Products

October 2, 2020
What’s Coming for Walmart Sponsored Products

From lower budget minimums to new keyword insights and targeting, Walmart’s advertising offerings have changed considerably over the past several months.

In this webinar hosted by Walmart Media Group’s Stephanie Prasad and Teikametrics’ Jason Magee, we get you up to speed on the recent changes and evolving best practices, before discussing some of what’s on the horizon in 2021.

Use the timestamps to jump to the topics that matter most to your business, or scroll down to watch the whole webinar.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Brand new options around carousel ad keyword targeting, and what you can do with them
  • How sellers are gearing up for Q4 using some of this new functionality
  • Keys to structuring your advertising campaigns to effectively test and take advantage of key learnings
  • New advertising capabilities for Walmart sellers coming in 2021


[6:04] New targeting options for carousel. Manual campaigns are now eligible for search page carousel placement.

[9:59] Gearing up for Q4. Walmart recently relaxed their minimum budget requirements to only a $50 daily budget per campaign, which makes it easier to split out products into their own campaigns and have more fine-grained control over ads.

[12:20] Supply and demand in Q4. The traffic from consumers significantly outpaces the increase in advertising, favoring sellers.

[13:24] Data on peak sales events. Teikametrics analyzed peak sales event data from another marketplace. The data told us that CPC actually lowered while the conversion rate stayed the same.

[16:30] Strategically choosing products to advertise. Pay attention to healthy margins, low TACOS, gateway products, inventory liquidation, and newly launched SKUs.

[18:37] Latest best practices on Walmart.com. Be sure to consider auto-to-manual structure, organic placements, bid multipliers, buy box, and fulfillment plans.

[22:47] New reporting functionality. Use the item health report, 14-day attribution reporting, and manual carousel placement targeting.

[23:59] New innovations for Walmart sellers coming in 2021. More search in-grid slots, new Search Brand Amplifier placement, manual campaign enhancements, and placement reporting.

[27:37] Case study: working with a smaller budget. Baby Trend was hesitant to invest in Walmart advertising, but working with Teikametrics they saw a 5X ROAS.

[29:56] Q&A. Hear the questions other sellers and brand owners are asking.

Watch the replay: