September Agency Spotlight: HINGE GLOBAL

September 18, 2019 | Posted By Andrew Waber
September Agency Spotlight: HINGE GLOBAL

The first entry of Teikametrics’ ongoing Agency Spotlight series focuses on our partner HINGE GLOBAL. Below, we ask HINGE’s Head of Marketing Kathy Mak Cummins about the agency’s origins, some of their biggest successes, what makes them exceptional in the marketplace, and how they use Teikametrics software to take their clients’ Amazon efforts to new heights!

Q: How did Hinge Global get started?

HINGE GLOBAL was founded in 2015 by former Amazon employees, and we leverage our experience in e-commerce to help our clients win on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms. Our CEO, Fred Killingsworth, was the Principal Business Development Manager at Amazon responsible for its international expansion strategy and establishing billion dollar opportunities for the company. During his tenure at Amazon, Fred assisted with Amazon Launch Pad, the retailer’s latest go-to-market option for businesses, and became aware of the challenges that companies faced when launching products on He set off to define a scalable, repeatable methodology to help brands accelerate their digital commerce efforts, alongside former high-ranking Amazon employees Dean Siefert and Alyssa Karrasch.

Q: What services does Hinge Global provide?

HINGE GLOBAL provides end-to-end solutions to help power our clients’ e-commerce businesses worldwide. This work includes strategic planning, creative design, digital channel management, inventory management/demand planning, performance tracking, and technology solutions.

When businesses come to us, we can provide creative audits and listing audits, providing an unbiased assessment of the business. HINGE GLOBAL can then update the creatives, optimize keywords and the listing content, and oversee demand planning and all aspects of the account. Once the current business is on solid footing, HINGE GLOBAL can help sellers think about other white space opportunities to drive future growth.

Q: What are some of the things that makes Hinge Global unique?

HINGE GLOBAL is unique in that we act as an extension of our clients’ teams, but deliver a one-stop shop that provides all the capabilities they need to run their e-commerce business on global marketplace platforms. We help drive sales for the whole catalog of products, not just a narrow subset.

Q: Outside of Teikametrics for advertising, what are other big problems you help solve for sellers?

Winning in e-commerce is hard! It requires focus, expertise, data, and constant diligence. Margins are slim, and the competition is stiff. On global marketplaces, the challenges beyond marketing optimization include constant monitoring for unauthorized third party sellers, ensuring pricing compliance, accurate demand planning, and certifying that all listings are accurate.

Q: What are the questions sellers should be asking themselves when it comes to growing their online business?

We recommend that sellers start with a review of their existing business to understand which aspects of their current operations are optimized, which need work to meet that threshold, and then look for strategic long-term growth opportunities. By taking this kind of ordered assessment, businesses will have a deeper understanding of where they need help in order to meet their short- and long-term goals.

Q: Thinking about driving success for online businesses, what is one of your proudest moments as an agency?

There are so many! One of HINGE GLOBAL’s many success stories is for a global fashion accessory brand. When we took over the account, we provided updated creative design, reduced their out-of-stocks, and transitioned to Seller Central for greater brand control. We helped this business recover $600,000 in erroneous fees and increased their sales by 102% in six months. For a confectionery brand, we removed their unauthorized third party sellers, managed pricing compliance, and improved their listing content. As a result, we grew revenue by 96%, grew units by 61%, and delivered 12X return on ad spending. Working with a major foodservice manufacturer, we redesigned their digital creatives, resulting in 8.4X return on ad spending and 108% revenue increase year-over-year.

For more information on working with HINGE GLOBAL, visit their Teikametrics Partner Page.