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Launching A Product Using Advanced Amazon Advertising Techniques: Four Part Video Series

September 19, 2019 | Posted By marketing team
Launching A Product Using Advanced Amazon Advertising Techniques: Four Part Video Series

When it comes to Amazon Advertising you may know the basics, but launching a product and getting onto page one of an Amazon search results page takes more than best practices. 

Advertising is an essential part of getting products new to Amazon more visible to consumers, and a key factor in any successful product launch. In this four-part series, our CTO, Aatish Salvi gives a tactical guide on Advanced Advertising techniques for accelerating new product sales using Amazon Advertising. In this series you will learn:

  • Video 1: Early launch Objectives (10:10)
  • Video 2: Campaign Setup (13:37)
  • Video 3: Using Product Attribute Targeting (8:13)
  • Video 4: Maintaining Control (9:14)

Episode one is out now! Check out the first of four videos below, and check in here each week to watch the rest of the series. Download the slides from part one today.

Early Launch Objectives

In this section you will learn the essential considerations for a product launch before deploying advertising dollars.
Download the
presentation slides here.

Part 2. Campaign Setup

In this section you will learn how to build your campaigns intelligently, and cohesively structure your advertising strategy to maximize ad-dollars. Download the slides here.

Part 3. Using Product Attribute Targeting 

In this section you will learn how to accelerate your growth strategy for launch beyond keywords using a new form of advertising. For further information on PAT ads, you can also get the full breakdown on what they are and how to use them in this detailed blog post.



Part 4. Maintaining Control

In this section you will learn how to control how your ad budget deployed during launch to meet advertising goals.


Aatish Salvi
CTO  |  Teikametrics


Aatish Salvi is a veteran of data science and machine learning technology for ecommerce retailers. As CTO of Teikametrics, he is responsible for providing the technology that optimizes $3B worth of transactions across thousands of Amazon sellers around the globe. Prior to his role as CTO at Teikametrics, Aatish was the VP of Engineering at Nanigans where he built machine learning technology to maximize the performance of the largest advertisers on Facebook including, Netflix, Uber, Hulu, and Walmart. Before joining Nanigans, Aatish built the machine learning algorithms that predicted the travel destinations of millions of users used by TripAdvisor’s email platform.

Please feel free to contact the Teikametrics team or Aatish directly if you have any questions at