Keys to Cyber Week: D2C + Amazon

November 17, 2020
Keys to Cyber Week: D2C + Amazon

With online shopping set to capture an even greater share of consumer spending this Q4, Cyber Week 2020 is more important than ever. But with this increased activity likely comes increased competition. 

By thinking strategically across your D2C and Amazon channels, you can put your business in a better position to efficiently and effectively capture sales overall. 

BigCommerce joined us in this webinar to discuss how to effectively use both Amazon and your D2C site to grow your entire ecommerce business during this all-important holiday season.


Here’s what we cover

  • An overview of different Amazon ad types and what role they serve in your larger marketing funnel
  • How to use Amazon advertising as a bridge to 2021 success
  • Determining where to focus your efforts across your product assortment on Amazon and your own D2C site
  • Tactics for adjusting to fast-moving changes during the Q4 period

Your hosts

Matt Dornfeld
Sr. Strategic Partner Manager, BigCommerce

Jason Magee
Sr. Director of Sales, Teikametrics


Meet the speakers and see the agenda


Amazon ad types and Q4 — Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Amazon DSP


The marketing funnel — awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty


Sponsored Brands


Sponsored Products


Campaign structure and why it matters


Amazon DSP


Prospecting targeting options for DSP


Takeaways from Prime Day


Signs point to a big Q4 and Cyber Week


The bridge between D2C and Amazon


The four pillars of omnichannel success — channels, operations, marketing, and fulfillment


Pillar #1 choose your channel


Pillar #2 operations


Pillar #3 marketing


Pillar #4 fulfillment


A reminder of COVID uncertainty


Questions for sellers to answer




Watch the Replay


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